Photographing Wild Horses

America's Icon

The sight of America's icon, the wild and free-running horse, will send chills down your spine! These iconic creatures are disappearing from our landscape and can only be found in a few isolated locations in Idaho, The Rocky Mountains, and West.

Photographer Steve Simmons has been photographing these magnificent creatures for 10 years and understands how to track, approach and photograph them as only a true horseman can. Simmons has studied herd behavior and understands their movements, patterns, and can frequently predict their activities and control these movements for long periods of time to create wonderful photographic opportunities. 

Join Steve Simmons in the beauty of The Rocky Mountains, Utah, and Idaho to explore its unique landscape in search of the wild and free horses of the West. These tours can be done from horseback if you are an experienced and advanced rider outside of the arena, or by vehicle and hiking trips if the horseback adventure is not your cup of tea.

All of these workshops are custom adventures for 1-4 people and can be arranged for the convenience of the participant. It is recommended that each workshop last a minimum of 2 days and can last up to 5 days. 


Dependent upon the number of people and the length of the workshop. Lodging and transportation will be in addition to the workshop fee. Lodging recommendations are available. 

Each session will cover not only where to find, how to track and how to photograph these amazing animals, but detailed photographic instruction as well. A list of recommended photographic equipment will be e-mailed to each participant 2-3 weeks before their session. 

Call 208-701-4902 for more info! 

Resources & More

Steve Simons from New Mexico Horse Adventures and Wildhorse Photography Workshops was featured in The Albuquerque Journal. 

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